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The Benefits of Gamified Learning

Gamified learning is one of the best ways to educate your child through motivational, engaging and interactive activities that catch the student’s attention and ensure that your child will absorb the information they are learning. Young children learn their best skills through play, right? Well, the same applies to gamified learning.

The world of online learning may seem daunting to any parent out there but there are many reasons why gamified learning is beneficial to the education of your child.

There is an all-round better learning experience The games that your child will be learning through are fun, engaging and entertaining which means they will be able to retain the information better. The more excited they get about learning, the better they will be able to develop and recall information.

1. There are instant feedback and reports

There is no need for your child to wait around until the end of the term to see how good their progress has been. With gamified learning, you will be able to get instant feedback and reports in real-time as soon as an activity has been completed. This will encourage your child to better their development without losing interest waiting for results over a lengthy period.

2. Your child is constantly challenged

Gamified learning allows for self-improvement and development for your child. It empowers students to work on the areas that they are weaker in and encourages self-direction and responsibility. Your child will also be encouraged to take risks, which is an invaluable life skill, as well as having a larger capability to be persistent in achieving results.

3. A healthy learning environment

There is no need for your child to buckle under the pressure of fellow students or peers. Gamified learning encourages confidence in the classroom where it is more relaxed and informal while still being able to be challenged at their own pace.

4. It can positively affect behavioural change

It’s human nature to want to achieve great results. With instant gratification provided with gamified learning in the forms of badges, alerts etc., this motivates your child to want to achieve these results every time.

5. Application in all learning areas

No matter which subjects your child may be struggling in, gamified learning helps you focus on a variety of areas and drives improvement with spaced repetition. This means that your child will be motivated to work on the subjects that they struggle with the most in an engaging and entertaining way.

In conclusion, the benefits of gamified learning are not only beneficial to the student but the parent too. Take the out stress of having to sit down and concentrate on improving your child’s development and let us do it for you through our advanced, engaging online exercises with your private tutor.

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