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The 6 benefits of having an online tutor

This year has been tough on everyone. We are faced with a “new normal” and parents are forced to find alternative ways to keep their children’s education up to the highest standard. Sometimes it’s not always easy juggling everything on your own and many parents across the UK have turned to online tutoring for that extra bit of help.

If you have considered getting an online tutor but are not yet too convinced, read through our 6 benefits and see why it will change your life.

1. Availability, flexibility and convenience.

A complete 3 in 1. Not only is having an online tutor incredibly convenient by never having to leave home, you are not limited by geographic location which means that your child’s needs are best suited to a tutor wherever they are based, and you are not limited by location. Online tutoring is very flexible, allowing suitable times for lessons when it is convenient for you with around the clock online learning material. Thinking of taking that family holiday but restrained by the school calendar year? Not with online tutoring! Your child’s lessons can take place at anytime, anywhere.

2. Time

Oh, that daily commute of slugging through the traffic just to get a couple miles away. With online tutoring, you can save hours in your busy schedule by having lessons in the comfort of your own home. This leaves extra time to focus on the things that you need to do and takes the time (and frustration) out of having to home school your child yourself.

3. Expert knowledge and support

With My Own Tutor Manchester you can be assured that your child is being taught by a experienced, qualified teacher with over five years’ experience as a GCSE Math’s and English tutor for ages from 5 - 16. You are also offered a freephone weekday teacher support line to help your child with any questions or concerns they may have.

4. Cost effective

Gone are the days of having to spend hundreds of pounds on petrol or public transport costs, the latest stationery and backpack that barely gets used and then is thrown out after a year because it is no longer “cool”. With online tutoring you simplify the learning process by only needing a stable internet connection and computer, which let’s be honest, most UK households have already. Our programme’s are extremely cost effective for as little as £10 a week for a wide offering and 24/7 access.

For more information on our programmes and offerings click here.

5. Technology

Technology plays a huge role in the benefit of online teaching. Not only is it extremely easy to connect with your tutor online, but there are so many efficient resources to share the work online. This can be done through any cloud storage which means it is organised, in one place and avoids the “my dog ate my homework” excuse. More online resources include the ability to use virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, lessons being saved to pdf and the ability to record and save the lessons online. Not only is it beneficial for ease of reference for the student and parent, but it also decreases our environmental impact by reducing the use of paper and creating awareness for your child about their environmental footprint.

6. It doesn’t feel like school

But why is this a benefit? You may ask. Well, for many reasons. It allows your child to practice and learn in the comfort of their own home making them feel more relaxed and receptive to learning. It takes off the pressure and distraction of being in a classroom with their peers allowing them to engage in the lessons properly. Your child will feel more confident asking questions online than they would in a room full of classmates and lastly, your child is able to work and learn at their own pace.

In summary, any parent who has been affected by having to adjust their lives to their child’s schooling schedule should feel confident in the endless benefits of having an online tutor. Having more time to spend with your child without the endless tantrums and frustration of home schooling is a win for everyone.

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