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How the lockdown has helped me and my kids learn online

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As a full-time teacher and mum of two, running my own tutoring business usually meant that I was constantly doing too much, and not enough brilliantly. Of the few good things that have come out of the lockdown, has been the opportunity to bring all the students I teach (my kids as I like to call them) online and therefore spend more time with them individually, doing Maths and English tuition. This is something that we teachers love and rarely get to do!

I run small group tuition lessons that utilize a simple online programme which is easy enough for the kids, and even the least tech-savvy of us, to use and learn on. I have really enjoyed working on My Own Tutor with my students. It uses the clever and simple idea of gaming to encourage and motivate students to complete tasks across the week, that help them practice and improve Maths skills and English comprehension, spelling and grammar. I have seen children progress two years’ worth of Maths and English skills in 6-9 months. I have also witnessed GCSE Maths tuition students improve by up to 3 grade levels when the programme is combined with face-to-face Maths and English tuition (currently provided online).

With the programme now fully online through virtual classes, I am able to give students more time and more dedicated lessons on My Own Tutor that specifically target individual areas of weakness and gaps in their knowledge that are identified by the programme through the online exercises that children complete independently throughout the week in-between lessons.

Children (and parents) also enjoy the clarity and transparency of the red, amber, green traffic light system that easily highlights the areas of strength and areas for development. Children know exactly where they stand and what they need to focus on to improve because of this simple colour coding system. They are also invested in improving and showing progress to gain points and credits to unlock more games, build their avatars and share their experience and compete with others on the programme.

All in all, I am really enjoying the opportunity to watch first hand, as my students’ independence, understanding and confidence grows; all while they are engaged, enjoying the programme and motivated to make progress.

My Own Tutor Manchester provides online home study and virtual classes starting from £6 per week. Like our page on Facebook or visit to get more information and sign up.

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