The first years of learning are where a solid foundation in Maths and English need to be built. Too often, and for a variety of reasons, children in primary schools fall behind and never properly catch up. This makes it even more difficult when they approach their SATs and later, their GCSEs.​

The My Own Tutor method is one where each student is constantly assessed on an individual level while they practise what they have learned. They work at their own pace and at the level which is suitable for them.​

This means that we are constantly building their confidence and getting and keeping them on track in their progress, while keeping you updated.


Secondary school students face many challenges – from year 7s encountering the significant difference between Primary and Secondary school, to the preparation for GCSEs.​

The best way to prepare for exams is through regular practice and guidance in the years which lead up to exams. Not just a last minute panic cramming weeks before the exams.​

The My Own Tutor method, used over time, builds that same confidence in students to perform in the high-stress atmosphere of exams.​

GCSE Preparation​

We help students prepare for their exams and focus on exam technique and curriculum knowledge. We help them to build a solid foundation of confidence through regular practice combined with guidance from expert teachers and GCSE examiners who will help them overcome the areas they are finding difficult and achieve higher grades. ​

We offer lessons in English, Maths, Science and Geography with expert teachers and GCSE examiners to ensure your child has the best possible chance to succeed in their exams.


We provide personalised one to one and online tuition in small groups, alongside 24/7 access to our exclusive online learning portal. Watch the videos to get an idea of the benefits and features of the My Own Tutor online portal, which we use to support learning and diagnose areas for development so that we can teach your child exactly what they need to learn.

Led by our expert qualified teachers and experienced examiners, your children are guided and supported in the way that suits their style of learning and desired pace to achieve the best possible grades.​

We provide regular practice and specialised lessons in English, Maths, Science and other subjects including Geography and languages by qualified teachers and examiners.

Through individualised and engaging learning, your children can own their journey leading to independent and ambitious learners. ​

We can ensure this through embedding the six fundamentally important elements which make for effective learning.

1. Timetable

2. Lessons

3. Practice

4. Feedback

5. Diagnosis

6. Remedy

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Primary school children love our service because it...

  • Provides face to face interaction with a live teacher

  • Makes learning fun and enjoyable

  • Builds a solid foundation in English and Maths

  • Prepares them for SATs and 11 plus

  • Helps them to catch up while building confidence

  • Works at a pace which is right for them

  • Lets them see where they are excelling and where  _ they need to improve

Secondary school children love our service because it...

  • Provides access to qualified teachers and _ examiners

  • Identifies and remedies gaps and weaknesses

  • Prepares them for GCSEs

  • Helps them to catch up while building confidence

  • Works at a pace which is right for them

  • Lets them see where they are excelling and where  _ they need to improve

  • Keeps parents and carers informed on progress and identifies problem areas which our tutors work _ on in a targeted way.

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