My Own Tutor Manchester provides Maths, English and Science tutoring at its best. We combine online education with face-to-face tuition and offer rewards and savings to help motivate students and make tuition affordable. We specialise in Maths, English and Science for all ages, and prepare students to succeed in their SATs, 11 plus and GCSE examinations.

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My Own Tutor Manchester provides Maths and English tuition at its best. We provide online and 1-2-1 tuition incorporating targeted Maths, English and Science practice, and engaging online exercises for ages 5 – 16 in many more subjects, including Geography and languages.

My Own Tutor Manchester is run by qualified teachers and GCSE examiners who can guide your child through the national curriculum to success. With a focus on curriculum content and exam practice, our lessons are geared to helping your child understand, practice and gain confidence. With tuition in small group classes, our lessons are affordable and help to meet a wide range of needs, particularly students wanting to:

  • Make accelerated progress

  • Learn from expert qualified teachers and examiners

  • Receive tailored tuition covering content and revision

  • Consolidate subject knowledge in English, Maths, Science or Geography up to GCSE

  • Receive 11+ tuition and other entrance exam tuition

  • Catch up and make progress

With online material around the clock and daily lessons to help students, My Own Tutor Manchester provides all the Maths, English and Science support your child will need to become a motivated, independent learner.



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Online and 1-2-1 child-centred learning
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English and Maths tuition for all ages
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11+ tuition for Manchester grammar schools 
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GCSE English and Maths tuition 
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Qualified teachers as GCSE Maths and English tutors

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Freephone Teacher Support Helpline


"We have been using My own tutor for a while now. All I can say is they are amazing and extremely flexible. My son tried a few well known and expensive centres but he choose to stay here. He likes that the learnings are all assessed according to his level hence he doesn’t get board. Lessons are all tailored to his level and I think this is the part were he likes most. He is now doing GCSE and so far he enjoys being top of his class and above his target. I couldnt thank Habab enough for being so ever accommodating and helpful. Communication is top notch! ❤️"

Jane P.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with students and parents so we can witness the growth together. Parents enjoy our high value tuition service, which is based on the 6 key elements outlined below, as it works to guarantee that your child will make the best possible progress.

With study sessions, specialised lessons, daily practice and regular feedback and diagnosis, your child will gain confidence and see a marked improvement in their ability and understanding. We can ensure this through embedding the six fundamentally important elements which make for effective learning.

1. Timetable

2. Lessons

3. Practice

4. Feedback

5. Diagnosis

6. Remedy

In addition to the portal, our qualified teachers also deliver essential content and revision in English, Maths, Science and other subjects to ensure your child is ideally ahead of where they need to be academically.

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  • Clearly identify any gaps or weaknesses that the student might have in English and Maths up to GCSE

  • Are easy to understand and show the progress made and areas that need more attention

  • Are also emailed out to provide a snapshot of the work completed in the previous week 

  • Provide the basis and focus of discussions during the monthly telephone meeting with guiding mentors for home study students 


Any family which subscribes to My Own Tutor Manchester will receive free membership of Shop2Learn benefits and savings scheme to help towards tuition costs.

 This includes:

  • discounts at supermarkets, clothes and electronics shops

  • savings on many areas of family spending

Read our 5  Star  Reviews

"Habab has been flexible to our needs and has developed a good relationship with our daughter. The website and activities are engaging for her and she is happily working through the tasks."

Nick P.

"Fantastic tutor - anyone who can make my 14 year old daughter enthusiastic about learning deserves a 5 star review."

Mark G.

I was Introduced to my own tutor Manchester by a friend. Their training and system of teaching children was one of the reasons I was attracted to this company. The follow up and close monitoring of children's daily work really gives me the opportunity of taken part in my children's development. The possibility of logging in and see how well the children are doing with their homework and which areas they require improvement really fascinated me. Thanks to my own tutor Manchester. My children are much better with their maths and English lessons now.

Daisy O.